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Hello I know I've been taking a while to submit anything worthwhile lately, and for that I'm sorry. Now that I am putting more details into my pictures (most of which are not yet submitted) it is taking longer to complete them. This means that I often loose my motivation or have to go to bed partway through, and come back to it another day. Don't worry I have no intention of giving up!

I have decided that for now I will only be colouring a full good copy for the  pictures I have already drawn and have on my computer. They are big pictures that will push what skills I have, but I want to finish what I've started. After that I plan to start my graphic novel series for real.

If you follow my account then you already know the Continue Zone is a comic I have writen some narrative script for and that I've been improving my art skills to make it as awesome as possible. Originally I had planned for this to be a spectacular full colour series all the way through! But I need to change that part, and make it a pencil drawn and shaded 'novel. This should still look good, I can draw and shade pictures with great detail, and that's how all my pictures start out. But it will save on time since I'm quick with a pencil and slow with photoshop. I'm certain that I will still make single pics too, mainly Sonic related, but not directly for pages of the comic.

Lol, now I'm getting excited... even if it's still some ways off with the way I'm so backed up right now.
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December 14, 2016


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